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“Horrors abound in Australian author Fox’s first novel, a gritty police procedural set in Sydney. In this twisted noir world, love goes as wrong as it can go. Readers will look forward to the sequel set in this not-for-the-squeamish nightmare world down under.”

Publishers Weekly

“The comparisons to Jeff Lindsay’s ‘Dexter’ series will be unavoidable, but this fast-paced first novel, with its unusual protagonists and dark, disturbing scenes stands on its own. Readers will anticipate eagerly the planned sequel.”

Library Journal

“Compelling . . . Candice Fox makes a strong debut with the first of two thrillers in a series about a serial killer. Exploring the concept of whether killing for justice could ever be rationalised, Hades is a chilling read.”

Sydney Morning Herald

“A frighteningly self-assured debut with a cracker plot, strong characters, and feisty, no-nonsense writing.”
-Qantas magazine

“A powerful book, an incredible read. The pace is extreme, the violence and the fear are palpable. The plot is original and twisted; black and bloody. Tension runs riot on the page. Dexter would be proud!”
The Reading Room

“Well written with a suck-you-in story and characters with depth, Hades is an exciting read, a bit Dexter-ish. It moves at a great pace and reveals the narrative twists and turns in a way that keeps you playing detective as you read – and it has an outcome I didn’t see coming.  It’s a great debut novel.”
Co-op Books / Staff Picks

“A dark, compelling and original thriller that will have you spellbound from its atmospheric opening pages to its shocking climax. Hades is the debut of a stunning new talent in crime fiction.  The narrative is engaging, compelling. The characters are unique and well fleshed out. The story is strong, bold, amazing. This is how a crime thriller should make you feel.”
Reading, Writing and Reisling

“Candice Fox grew up trying to scare her friends with true crime stories. If her intent was to try and create an at times chilling and gruesome story as her debut, it is very much mission accomplished. She certainly looms as an exciting new prospect in the ranks of Australian authors.”

Western Advocate


“Grim, gritty, fast-paced . . . each character adds depth and interest to an already absorbing plotline. Fox fantastically builds on her previous book, leaving a cliff-hanger that will leave readers clamoring for the next series title.”

Library Journal (starred review)

“In Australian author Fox’s nail-biting follow-up to Hades, the narrative is highly effective… Fox keeps her characters firmly in shades of gray, and it’s their complexity that drives this riveting thriller, right through to the gruesome, surprising finale.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)




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