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Crimson Lake Tour – first leg

Queensland! I’m here! My delightful publicist Jess Malpass is here with me. We’ve been trekking around trying not to get sunburnt and meeting fans at bookstores in Port Douglas, Cairns City and today, Smithfield. Jess and I immediately bought matching hats upon arrival, and I did the classic Candice Fox move of losing my sunglasses a mere 12 hours after I bought them. We’ve discovered a weird shared obsession with cryptograms after buying a poshbook in port Douglas. It’s strange to see places from the novel again in real life. As we drove along yesterday I found myself saying ‘This is where Ted lives!’ and ‘This is where they found the croc!’ like I was talking about real people, and events.

Below I’ve stacked some random photos from the tour, but there are others on the Facebook and Twitter pages. Included is a tiny gecko I found in my hotel. Not five minutes after letting my miniature friend out onto the balcony did I find a compadre of his in the fridge. I am the lizard queen!

I never posted about NEVER NEVER hitting the New York Times best sellers – debuting in no. 1 in the hardcover and combined categories. It’s hard to describe how I feel about this, even though describing things if what I do for a buck. I talk a lot about my childhood on the tour, and the kinds of things I have been experiencing lately – best seller lists, tv deals, multi-book deals all over the world – these sorts of things never entered my young mind. My ‘big dream’ was to have one book published ever, and for my friends and family to read it. I’m overjoyed with all this – I can’t fathom what I’ve done to deserve it. Just being able to write and do nothing else for a living is such a blessing. I get up every morning and I really do actively get excited about my job. I’m so lucky.

I hope, if you’re reading this and thinking about coming out to see me, that you’ll make the effort. I so love catching up with fans and seeing what they thought of the books.

Have a great Sunday, everyone! More to come.







2 thoughts on “Crimson Lake Tour – first leg

  1. Hey, Candice,

    All I want to say is how incredibly delighted I am with your success, which is so deserved. The writing is such a breath of fresh air, believe me. At times I’d like to edit a few things, but that’s just me … Such as, you don’t cut a cable to cause a car accident. Cutting a cable would merely disable the handbrake, but not the brakes. Brakes proper are hydraulic and you could cut the thin alloy or copper pipe that carries the brake fluid, but with pliers or tin snips, not a wire cutter. But that’s so nothing. The brilliance is everything, and the result is the fantastic success you are achieving.

    I find it nicely funny that you got me restarted with writing again with NaNoWriMo in 2015, and I finished Sugarcane Lane in December last year. Of course, it too is set in Cairns, so I found myself smiling as I read Crimson Lake.

    Remember, I have no intention of making you think I’m the sleazy fan, or the stalker, or whatever … but should you ever need anything around Byron, please ask. I have a wife, so you’d be very welcome and perfectly safe! Promise!

    Hope you found the time to read this. Now get back to work, as I have nothing left to read, so I’ll have to go and write until the next Candice Fox thriller hits the stands.

    Much genuine affection, if I may say that.


    Posted by kennsealey | February 12, 2017, 4:45 am

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