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Competition Time! (Great cause!)


It’s competition time here in Foxyland, and I’m raising money for a good cause.

My friend Mel waited YEARS to get the dog of her dreams, and she’s had him mere DAYS and a cancerous tumour has been discovered on his leg. Mel is a battler, a cosplayer, a teacher and an all-round awesome chick, and Archie is a scruffy rescue bumpkin trying for a forever home. Mel has tried everything to save this dog’s life, and she’s desperate. She describes the dire situation fully on her GoFundMe page, linked at the bottom of this post. It’s dark times here, people, and we need your help.



This is a competition you can’t afford to miss. For just $5 a ticket, you’ll go into the raffle to win a book pack of my complete works thus far, signed and personalised. For second prize draw, you’ll receive a copy of my next novel, CRIMSON LAKE, due out in Australia in February.

What a fantastic Christmas present this might be for you or someone you love! (And for the lovely Mel!)

All you have to do is go to Mel’s GoFundMe page and donate, and when you’re asked to put in your name, put CF after your surname, so I can identify you as a competition entry. So if your name is John Smith, write John SmithCF.

Come on, people. If you love animals, or dogs, or Mel, or my books, or me! or all of the above, you CANNOT AFFORD not to chuck in a couple of bucks to save this dog’s hide. I’ll draw the winner on Monday!

I’m counting on you to demonstrate the kind of awesome people who are on Team Fox. Thank you so much!



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