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Hey, everyone!

Here’s a list of everything that’s going on, so we can get that out of the way.

1. Hades and Eden are now published (or on their way to publication) in Australia, the US, Israel, Germany, Japan, and in the Spanish language! Soon my plans to take over the entire world will come to fruition. The first thing I’m doing is pushing for a three day weekend.

2. Tim asked me to marry him. I’m not sure if I told you or not. I said yes!

3. I’m on a huge fitness bender, that is half about my love of fitness and half about my serious girl crush on Michelle Bridges. Yes, I’m wearing a puffy black Michelle Bridges vest right now. No, I don’t care what that means about me.

4. I’ve discovered Sword and Scale podcasts. If you haven’t, you need to. Now.

5. I’ve discovered Scrivener, for writers. If you haven’t, you need to, also. Right after you’re done with point 4.

I’ve just got a royalty summary through for the quarter, and I’m just so grateful when I look at those book sales numbers for every single person out there that they represent. I know they represent far more than they appear to, because fans write to me now and then telling of how they gifted my book to a loved one, or shared their book around their family. I feel blessed, as I always have, to have any readers at all. The dream was never as big and wonderful as this reality.

I’m powering away at Troppo, due for release in August 2016. Fall, book three of the Bennett / Archer series, is out in Australia in December. We’re in the midst of drafts with that one.

Tap, tap, tap, I’m tapping away at life, at love, at the books. It’s all good here in Candiceland. Hope you’re all happy, well, and reading up a storm.

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